Author: Timothy Smart

How Holiday Habits Will Be Changing

Well there’s one area that will definitely take a long time to recover from our current malaise.  Holidays and travel have been hit very badly by the pandemic and much of it has been centred around the problems with cruising.  Massive ships carrying thousands of passengers and crew are a live petrie dish once one […]

Fighting To Retain Order & Luxury Travel

There are problems with the world of travel just as I write.  There being the massive virus that’s spreading to total world epidemic proportions and almost all the newspapers, in this country, certainly, are going mad and causing as much mischief and panic as they can.  The serious side of this though is how to […]

Kick Start Inheritance Trail With A Good Watch

Whilst checking the latest trends in a rather more upmarket magazine than I usually read, I was struck by the number of adverts that had young models with extremely slim arms sporting unwieldy and heavy looking watches.   Two or three of the items looked almost identical to the very nice but rather heavy watch I […]

Rekindling That Christmas Spark With Online Shopping

It is most interesting to listen to a group of older folk discussing memories of their family Christmas and new year festivies.   I belong to a social group who have all lived in the immediate locality for most of their lives.  Most went to school together so they have really only ever known the little […]

Shopping Research Brings Discerning Buyers

This can be a very trying time of year . .. .  early winter, or autumn as we used to know it.  The weather is not particularly good just now, lots of rain and high winds.  This tends to put folk off going out and particularly to the shopping centres so there is another blip […]

Booking Trips Through Trusted Travel Sites

Holidays fall into one of two camps.  Either truly memorable with fantastic locations, good hotels and excellent service….. or they are quite the opposite, with flight delays, dreadfully over booked hotels and food poisoning as an additional little treat.   I have to say that my family have never been very adventurous travellers.  We tended to […]

Being On Top Of Gifting Calmly Online

Choosing something for a child’s birthday can be very tiresome at times.  In these days of now, must have, can’t wait instantanious interaction, eing able to surprise someone with a gift is becoming one of life’s rarer pleasures sometimes.  However, this need not be a problem.  If you know who you’re buying for and if […]

Taking Anxiety Out Of Party Organising

This is the busiest time of year for families – weddings, outdoor bbq functions and family parties all going on at the same time.  There’s all the organising to do and the house to get in order.  Nothing is more anxiety raising than to be tasked with organising a big function that needs gifts or […]

A Barometer On The World Of Dad Gifts

There are times in a year when you have to get something really special for a dear one or a family present.  It can be so difficult when you know that the recipient is a bit awkward to buy for.  I’m thinking here of the Dad that seems to have absolutely everything – nice watch, […]