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Caution Needed For Out Of The Way Holiday Picks

Holiday booking time is fantastic fun for families who would love to sit amid a pile of glossy travel brochures, all excitedly picking out this hotel or that.  Or maybe they are more the adventurous types who like to take the less well beaten path to somewhere ancient and not easy to reach.  I used […]

How Trips To The High Street Have Changed

We’ve seen so many changes to our ways of operating in recent years that it’s hard now to think back to the days of automatically strolling along the ‘high street’  for whatever we needed.   Definitely gone are the trips to get a fancy dress for the lady wife from one of the selection of independent […]

Changes In Gifting Arrangements

Many of the things we buy via the internet are causing a bit of a problem on arrival now that brexit has actually occured and is in place.  All the political wrangling and back biting has nearly gone away.  Only to be replaced by confusion and mayhem when goods arrive at the port or at […]

Changing Family Holiday Habits

Living on an island is pretty different for us than for those who live in a part of a massive continent.  There are so many different goegraphical oddities with forests, lakes, hill and mountains, everything that a good and pleasant land should have, but on a smaller scale. It makes for some wonderful holiday locations […]

Exotic Holidays Up Mountains & Trekking Forests

Holidays are a mute point just at the moment.  So many cruise lines have had problems that it’s a worry that my favourite form of holiday will not be able to survive!  In these days of ever more exotic travel, in a normal years, it’s possible to plan and book trips to the most deserted […]

Holidays Big Business Even On A Paradise Isle

I’ve been away staying with chums who live in a wonderfully sunny spot in the Med.  They’re used to driving miles to the nearest decent shopping outlet – generally for groceries and essentials.  Gifts and other household shopping need something far more organised.  When someone lives far off, in an idyllic spot, it’s not easy […]

The Changing World That’s Post Lockdown

There has certainly been a turn down in the travel markets lately.  Cruise liners are parked up in every available home port, being thoroughly stripped out and sanitised.  It’s probably the only time since the second world war that there have been no cruises out there picking up and disgorging thousands of happy passengers and […]

How Holiday Habits Will Be Changing

Well there’s one area that will definitely take a long time to recover from our current malaise.  Holidays and travel have been hit very badly by the pandemic and much of it has been centred around the problems with cruising.  Massive ships carrying thousands of passengers and crew are a live petrie dish once one […]

Fighting To Retain Order & Luxury Travel

There are problems with the world of travel just as I write.  There being the massive virus that’s spreading to total world epidemic proportions and almost all the newspapers, in this country, certainly, are going mad and causing as much mischief and panic as they can.  The serious side of this though is how to […]

Kick Start Inheritance Trail With A Good Watch

Whilst checking the latest trends in a rather more upmarket magazine than I usually read, I was struck by the number of adverts that had young models with extremely slim arms sporting unwieldy and heavy looking watches.   Two or three of the items looked almost identical to the very nice but rather heavy watch I […]