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Kicking The Shortcake Habit With Online Shopping

I was staying with friends for the Christmas break – great fun it was too.  We all seemed to received an inordinate amount of chocolate and scottish shortbread biscuits.    No one used to worry a jot about obesity or heart disease.  We used to try to get rid of all the bad stuff by new […]

Gett Up To Speed With Shopping Advice Sites

When you have to buy a lot of varied things for family and friends at say, Christmas and birthdays, it can be totally overwhelming for the average joe in the street.  I do have chums who have got married and apart form the usual conveniences of that happy state, it also brings the added benefit […]

Avoiding Hustle & Bustle Can Only Be Done Online

I have never really been one for traipsing around a crowded shopping mall for christmas gifts.  It seems such an entirely false way of continuing the idea from the three kings and the shepherds!  Theirs were such simple gifts but these days there is an amazing frenzy around the middle of December.  I find my […]

Indoor Market Prompts Sourcing Ideas Online

A recent visit to the very south west of the country brought unexpected pleasures in the retail therapy department.  holidaying with the family, a couple of expeditions to the main town were in order.  There was an indoor market unlike anything I’ve visited before – all kinds of stalls selling everything from smart and practical […]

Secquential Birthdays Call For Panic Free Browsing

Funny how certain families have sets of birthdays all in one long run – a colleague of mine had all their family birthdays falling between 03 August and 21 October.  Now that is an expensive run.  Of course, not everyone celebrates with gifts, so that side doesn’thave to be too painful.  so starting with the […]

Out Of Town Shopping Indeed

There are many new shopping experiences coming on stream these days.  From out of town designer villages where you can find every imainable style and label ever desired down to a brand new shopping complex developed over what used to be gravel pits and now a very large wildlife country park area – combined with […]

Gifts That Garner Years Of Loving Loyalty

Around my very comfortable family sized house, I see many items that I have carted with me from many other houses before this one – the china egg holder – shaped and painted very realistically like a black and white hen – it’s actually painted like a cockeril, but who cares, it was given to […]

Best Browsing Practice Eliminates Impulse Buys

Knowing all the way to shop for gifts, homeware, kitchenware, every kind of ware . . . .   At one time we were content to go down to our local high street accepting whatever was in stock and, in our price range.  For the longer term purchase such as new lounge suite, then travelling to […]

Pets Pooches & Chicken Pens Just A Click Away

I thought I was dreaming a little while ago – living in a nice family house on an executive style estate with a standard sized back garden, I was surprised to hear chickens making that familiar clucking, hiccing sort of noise that chickens do.   I didn’t think too much of that at the time, until […]

Youngsters Taking Pop At Pressie Purchasing

There are a few things that youngsers are really brilliant at and can knock my skills into a cock hat.  Keeping up with the latest technology trends is definitely one of them.  They seem so confident and assured of what they are doing and nothing seems to faze them in their quest for the most […]