Caution Needed For Out Of The Way Holiday Picks

Holiday booking time is fantastic fun for families who would love to sit amid a pile of glossy travel brochures, all excitedly picking out this hotel or that.  Or maybe they are more the adventurous types who like to take the less well beaten path to somewhere ancient and not easy to reach.  I used to work with a chap whose wife was never one for ‘beach sprawling’ and insisted on taking expensive but well planned trips to the then fairly unknown.  Chile, Paraguay and lots of rain forest trips come to mind.   This wild need for adventure was nearly their downfall though as the lady was taken very ill whilst halfway up the highest peak in Chile.  Altitude sickness is a very dangerous condition and being struck by it when in one of the most difficult terrain makes rescue and hospitalisation very challenging.  So although the excitement of holidays returns, maybe some common sense should be employed to keep everyone amused and safe.