Changes In Gifting Arrangements

Many of the things we buy via the internet are causing a bit of a problem on arrival now that brexit has actually occured and is in place.  All the political wrangling and back biting has nearly gone away.  Only to be replaced by confusion and mayhem when goods arrive at the port or at the central postal depots for imports.  anything over a certain value has to be customs cleared and it seems that if the sender has not ticked the right box or in fact any box, it’s down to he puchaser as being liable for any customs duties and VAT that may now be due.  Gifts sent from overseas can sometimes cause un expected headaches unless the sender clearly shows the origina of the goods and their worth.  However if something is second hand, there are different rules.  Sending gift vouchers is by far the easiest method now – done electronically, there is no customs to encounter!