Exotic Holidays Up Mountains & Trekking Forests

Holidays are a mute point just at the moment.  So many cruise lines have had problems that it’s a worry that my favourite form of holiday will not be able to survive!  In these days of ever more exotic travel, in a normal years, it’s possible to plan and book trips to the most deserted areas of the world.  What seemed like something only an explorer would tackle, with newspaper headlines and a best selling book deal to follow, ordinary couples and some families now trek up mountains, or through the amazon rain forests.  All these options are available on the web sites dedicated solely to the serious traveller.  Not your package holiday dude.  These are the kind of folk who shun crowds and beach holidays.  They want the real thing including the altitude sickness and snake bites if necessary!   These online giftware and lifestyle sites off er shopping advice, retail information and shopping tips for every budget.