Holidays Big Business Even On A Paradise Isle

I’ve been away staying with chums who live in a wonderfully sunny spot in the Med.  They’re used to driving miles to the nearest decent shopping outlet – generally for groceries and essentials.  Gifts and other household shopping need something far more organised.  When someone lives far off, in an idyllic spot, it’s not easy to imagine them wanting to go anywhere else for their holidays either – it came as quite surprise to the children to find their uncle and aunt were actually flying away themselves – to somewhere cold for fheir holidays.  A chance to ski is something they love and it couldn’t be more of a change for them – packing the salopettes and ear muffs instead of us packing swimming costumes and sun hats!  There are quite a few travel agents on the island and here it’s positioned, the trips often involve the middle east, and further out, towards south asia and the antipodes.  No buckets & spades or kiss me quick hats needed there!