How Holiday Habits Will Be Changing

Well there’s one area that will definitely take a long time to recover from our current malaise.  Holidays and travel have been hit very badly by the pandemic and much of it has been centred around the problems with cruising.  Massive ships carrying thousands of passengers and crew are a live petrie dish once one person starts showing symptoms of any spreadable disease.   This of course has been a major news item and several very big cruise lines have found themselves in a whole bag of trouble for not being able to isolate and contain the spread of this virus.  Obviously they will be scrupulously scrubbing down their vessels – everywhere will be disinfected to within an inch of life and of course they will want it to be seen that everything humanly possible has been thrown at the poblem of clearing the bad publicity.  Many of the passengers are to blame though.  They happily embarked on cruises from the US and Asia well after we were made aware of this rapdily spreading problem.  But for some folk, nothing will be allowed to get in the way of a cruise !   This attitude needs to change and we will see great improvements in passenger and crew safety in the years to come.