How Trips To The High Street Have Changed

We’ve seen so many changes to our ways of operating in recent years that it’s hard now to think back to the days of automatically strolling along the ‘high street’  for whatever we needed.   Definitely gone are the trips to get a fancy dress for the lady wife from one of the selection of independent retail department stores that we enjyed at that time.  And sir would struggle these days to get himself the best bib’n tucker at the men’s department of any store.  There are still gentlemens’ outfitters about, in the major cities.  Very reputable names and of course, prices to match.  Appointments are now needed for any fittings so no off the cuff popping in to look for a bargain.  Holidays booked in a travel agency are another feature gone from our regular habit.  Most folk cope with looking online and finding something to suit.  I miss the days of sitting with the agent – listening to their expertise built up over many years!