Kick Start Inheritance Trail With A Good Watch

Whilst checking the latest trends in a rather more upmarket magazine than I usually read, I was struck by the number of adverts that had young models with extremely slim arms sporting unwieldy and heavy looking watches.   Two or three of the items looked almost identical to the very nice but rather heavy watch I have.  It was left to me some years ago and it has a kinetic operation which of course means it doesn’t need winding.  I just ensure I wear it for some or all of the day and voila, it just keeps going.  Now this watch is many years old – one of the presents received by my relative when he was 40.  He’s been dead many years.  In those days our older relatives would save up for years at a time for a very special birthday present.  They’d all club together and choose the perfect gift.  This particular one has the first owner’s name and date of birth inscribed on the back.  So although I love it and use it extensively as my first choice, it can never really be mine!  There are few more personal items that give a great deal of pleasure when passed on down to favourite nephews as a watch.  Long may this continue.  They’re everywhere now and to start your own heirloom with a decent watch from a good supplier can only mean the heritage starts here.