Kicking The Shortcake Habit With Online Shopping

I was staying with friends for the Christmas break – great fun it was too.  We all seemed to received an inordinate amount of chocolate and scottish shortbread biscuits.    No one used to worry a jot about obesity or heart disease.  We used to try to get rid of all the bad stuff by new year’s eve in the hope we would jump into a diet mode and manage to shift the weight by the time Easter comes.  Of course, that never works because the 2lb weight loss suddenly becomes a 5lb weight gain with all those Easter eggs!  But this year is different, I have set myself weekly targets to do particular tasks at home that require more exercise and thought processes.  I have also started shopping online to get this side of life more organised.  I only order what I need, no impulse buying. No chocolates or shortbread biscuits for sure!