Out Of Eurozone With Vacation Venues Too

Ah these days with the exit from europe making a very jerky but sure way through, it seems odd to be constantly looking for our next holiday in the sun.  This used to be always somewhere like the Costa Brava or Costa del Sol areas.  Benidorm or Ibiza, Majorca etc. were the places to be seen and anyone with families automatically chose the cheapest deal that could handle a family of four.   As the day to fly off on our dream holiday approached, mum would be frantically organising the suitcases, clothing and the passports.  I’m failing to recall who actually organised the holiday money – such as it was.   So many changes have taken place in very recent years though.  I can’t think of anyone close to me who holidays in any of those spots – it’s all the Canaries, Thailand, China, India, Goa, The Maldives etc. etc. Exotic gifts here indeed.