Teaching Stroppy Teens New Tricks Especially With Shopping

There was an occasion  not too long ago when I was charged with escorting two granddaughters down into their city centre for the purpose of getting addiitonal items of school uniform and a present for their Dad’s birthday.  Apparently this was a much dreaded  expedition – the younger lass had been banging on about the forthcoming trip endlessly for some weeks.  It’s NOT cool to be seen in the city centre with a parent, and sadly, it is even less cool to be seen with a grand parent!

Knowing a rift had arisen, I reacted by finding out what the shopping list entailed.  Before I arrived on site, I had sourced all the items, listed possible alternatives especially for the parental pressie.  The look of joy on those teenage faces at not having to shop with me was beaten only by my own joy.  I hadn’t been a top secretary for years without learning a trick or two!