A Barometer On The World Of Dad Gifts

There are times in a year when you have to get something really special for a dear one or a family present.  It can be so difficult when you know that the recipient is a bit awkward to buy for.  I’m thinking here of the Dad that seems to have absolutely everything – nice watch, only twenty years old and good for another 20or so.  He’s retired so won’t be wanting yet another new time piece for clock watching!  So, if not a new watch, how about another item og quality like a barometer – getting into the weekly habit of checking the pressure reading provided by the very cheerful weather presenter on Thursday’s local evening news.  It’s comforting to know that a) I know how to check and what to look for and b) that my father in law’s present of many years ago is still working soundly and is as beautiful as when first received.  A fine gift for a Dad indeed!