A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good

There is definitely something special about the arrival of spring time.  However overdue or reluctant it feels at the time.   We don an air of fun and expectation ourselves – things have to be brighter than the winter offered, surely?!  This winter in particular has been seriously grim with unbelievably poor weather conditiond throughout most of the country.  You can only dress up a situation and laugh about it for so long.  The way to really make the most of the burgeoning sun is to shop.  Set your worlds to right with a little online shopping therapy – gifts and homewares are now out in this year’s theme colours and the magazines are absolutely full of the latest must have hues for our coats, baggy jumpers, trainers and hair colours.  It is wonderful to be able to look at anything we want without fear of being judged too.  Hurrah for online freedoms, I say.