Best Browsing Practice Eliminates Impulse Buys

Knowing all the way to shop for gifts, homeware, kitchenware, every kind of ware . . . .   At one time we were content to go down to our local high street accepting whatever was in stock and, in our price range.  For the longer term purchase such as new lounge suite, then travelling to a major town would be the order of the day.  Fifty or so years ago saw the arrival of mail order catalogues.  This was such a revolutionary idea!  Everything we wished for displayed in gloriously coloured pages.  The added beauty was being able to pay over 20 weeks, or for very expensive goods, 33 weeks interest free credit and no delivery charges except for very heavy goods..

These days we can simply click online to a miriad of sites all offering anything at all our hearts can desire.  Nothing is unobtainable. Shopping advice and product reviews are available to help focus our browsing and thus eliminate any chance of impulse buying.