Choosing A Gifting Theme & Calmly Sticking To It

I can be fairly described representing the bah humbug side towards the Christmas lunacy – I know several families who spend an inordinate amount of money on the childrens’ presents and on themselves;  money they simply can’t afford.  They justify it by suggesting their offspring will somehow be blighted if they don’t show ownership of this fad or that.    It bugs me intensely that families feel Christmas should start in October – everybody is heartily sick of it all by November.  I refuse to shop for gifts until December – but I choose one theme and everybody has something along a simlar line.  This year most of them received bottles of fizzy white bungudy in very attractive bottle bags.  My more important family wisely organise Wish Lists and I choose two things from each.  They get what they’d actually like and my brain stays relatively calm.  I do wish there were more kiddies to buy for though – so much more fun!