Complexities Of The Breakfast Cereal Aisle

I suscribe to a magazine website that allows me access to a wide choice of publications.  It’s rather like going into a large supermarket wanting just breakfast cereal – my word, there are both sides of one aisle dedicated to the massive choice we have available today.   There are the sugary ones that children have historically preferred;  then moving down to the same types but far less less sugar or honey coated.   Then finally we get to the good old fashioned corn flakes – simplicity itself and next to those is the porridge section.  Now again, this is so much more complicated than it ever was.  The range is as wide as its long – with easy cook – and my favourite, fat or old fashioned jumbo oats that are less refined and take more cooking.    Porridge is very on trend and ayone who’s famous and fit will rave about it.   Who knew that I’d ever be ahead of the game for so long!