Feeling Frozen Confuses My Shopping Mojo

It can be so difficult in the winter months to generate any interest in shopping and retail therapy of any kind.  I tend to stay indoors much of the time and only venture out for a healthy walk a couple of times a week.  My mind cannot cope with the rest of me feeling utterly miserable and freezing cold.  Shopping ideas just don’t come to the forefront of the brain – no, I need that for formulating ideas on how to survive and where will my next meal be . . .  it’s utterly pathetic of course.  I need to buy gifts for folk and when my brain ceases to conjur up suitable present shaped ideas, then my little world decomposes entirely of its own free will.  I have found however that browsing this wonderful gifting and shopping online site offers me fantastic choices, within budget, ethically made and no need for frozen brain to think too much.