Fighting To Retain Order & Luxury Travel

There are problems with the world of travel just as I write.  There being the massive virus that’s spreading to total world epidemic proportions and almost all the newspapers, in this country, certainly, are going mad and causing as much mischief and panic as they can.  The serious side of this though is how to get holidays and other luxury items without appearing to be trivialising the situation – there have been reports of folk stock piling groceries and hand wipes and antisceptic hand gels.  Also the usual medicine sold for conventional colds and flu.  The one saving grace with respect to the advent of the online market is the ability to acquire almost anything that anyone could possibly want.  Those gifts that we would trudge up and down the high street for in days of yore – we can get next day now, delivered to our door.   No danger of missing the best deal at the travel agent either – this brilliant site or that will have all of our favourite destinations listed at their fingertips.  And because of the way they work, there are many bargains to be had.  That’s if the travel is not restricted by the government as an emergency containment exercise.