Getting The Happy Shopper Habit Under Way

When we need to step on it and get a move on, the temptation to cut corners can be immense.  For example, I set myself a target to use supermarkets far less and to walk to the stores, using my handy wheeled trolley.  I do this very often, it is wonderfully therapeutic, allowing me to breathe in deeply and really concentrate on the task in hand.   I go to the hardware and general store first to get the heavier items such as bird food and things I can’t get later on in the high street.  Then I visit the greengrocer, pharmacy and finally the butcher.  There’s always a lovely atmosphere down there now that they are used to me whizzing in and buying only enough for one person’s weekly needs.   Sometimes I have to cheat though and shop in one place – simply for speed, but not for preference.