Honeymoon Gifting Ticks Several Boxes

There are rarely shopping forays for me more exciting than buying a holiday, and then buying stuff for that holiday!  I do of course buy lots of gifts for family – when I really have to, but most of my relatives are either older and retired, awash with plenty of spendable cash.  The other side of this are the younger working set – not so flush and often in need of sensible gifts to help them in their every day existence.  That is tedious, trying to find a gift that satisfies several heads of claim!  When a nephew was marrying in the summer, having shared a flat for some time, they didn’t need conventional wedding gifts so we all clubbed together and bought their holiday – it’s hardly a honeymoon if taken a year or so later!  The variety of things you can buy someone is surprising fun too.  Who’s for ice cream cones on a beach in California?