Pets Pooches & Chicken Pens Just A Click Away

I thought I was dreaming a little while ago – living in a nice family house on an executive style estate with a standard sized back garden, I was surprised to hear chickens making that familiar clucking, hiccing sort of noise that chickens do.   I didn’t think too much of that at the time, until the very unmistakable sound of the rooster joined in.  Very odd, especially as in my book, daybreak in spring starts a great deal earlier than 10.15 in the morning!

So the family down the way, with two or three school age children now have chickens to add to their mini menagerie.  Rabbit hutches, small pup, guinea pigs.  It’s all go in that household.  Upon conversing with the neighbour nearest to them, it seems that everything can be ordered online and either delivered direct to the door, or collected from the nearest store.  Even domestic fowl, pets and all their accessories.