Political Ping Pong Affecting Retail Business Thinking

In these uncertain days – political gamesmanship to the fore and all that, it is really difficiult to predict anything at all about how retail stores and businesses are going to fare after brexit.  It’s impossible to get a straight answer to any question about importing or exporting;  On the news yesterday a think tank had announced that major banks had transferred 10% of their combined holdings over to their european hubs.  This was met with squeals of horror in some quarters and shrugs from others.  After all, it just says that the other 90% is still here.  I went to hear a very well known speaker the other day – her talk was about the security services but of course, brexit eventually featured in the questions at the end.  A huge groan went round the hall . . .  the speaker was as incredulous at the rediculous goings on but very calmly assured us all that in her opinion, the security of the country would not be unduly affected by this long-winded political ping-pong.  That’s good then!