Proposing Responsible Christmas Pressie Purchases

It’s that tricky time of year again – heading towards the christmas present buying frenzy.  It catches some of us every year.  I have always been a bah humbug when it comes to buying presents for those who seem to have absolutely everything already!  I do look back to the early days of my schooling – the gospel stories of Mary and Joseph’s struggle, after a very long, hazardous journey to get back to Nazareth.  Those very humble beginnings – maybe not exactly as the fairytale fed to us, but still very simple and hard.  Many a time I’ve stood in a shopping melee and wondered just what would Jesus say if he came down on a busy pre christmas saturday in any shopping mall in the UK?!  I’ve made a personal aim to source my gifts from responsible sites, who help the less well off and who also don’t plague us with unnecessary plastic wrappings!