Secquential Birthdays Call For Panic Free Browsing

Funny how certain families have sets of birthdays all in one long run – a colleague of mine had all their family birthdays falling between 03 August and 21 October.  Now that is an expensive run.  Of course, not everyone celebrates with gifts, so that side doesn’thave to be too painful.  so starting with the elder of the family in August, we began the cycle.  Nothing of value bought here as the poor old dear is eaten up completely with dementia and doesn’t have the faintest.   Then comes a son in law, just a card and text on the day.

As the winter approaches we have 3 more birthdays.  The nearer to Winter we get dictates the style of present.  It usually resembles a scarf or throw with accessories to match.  The chaps end up with yet more gardening.   Thank heavens for the online ift buying sites.  Every gift is researched, checked for price and quality.  Fantastic.