Taking Anxiety Out Of Party Organising

This is the busiest time of year for families – weddings, outdoor bbq functions and family parties all going on at the same time.  There’s all the organising to do and the house to get in order.  Nothing is more anxiety raising than to be tasked with organising a big function that needs gifts or other presentations when the catering needs to be organised and set up. The best way to achieve a calm and enjoyable function is to make detailed lists well in advance if possible.  Firstly list jobs that have to be done well before i.e. cleaning  house, carpets and outdoor patio/garden area;  renewing repairing outdoor seating and cooking equipment; checking crockery; cutlery & napkins. Note any gifts & cards needed.  Then list the food and drinks for every age group.  Once the lists for stuff to be bought are sorted, all these can easily be sourced on line for delivery at convenient hour prior to kick off.  Once those orders are all sorted, including any gifts etc, the other lists come in to play.  The hard work side of cleaning and replacing hardware!