Teaching The Seniors To Embrace Online Gift Browsing

Boy it’s been a hard winter to date – as far as weather is concerned anyway.  We’ve had the lot.   Torrential rain for weeks, giving way to fog, into sleet and snow.  Then that started to thaw just as the freezing temperatures returned overnight and added to this have been tremendous stormy gust of wind, the worst since records began, and all that.  It’s been unbelievable.  This has presented a challenge to my more elderly neighbours and relatives.  Who wants to traipse out to the shops on grim wet days!  I have taken things into my own hands now and patiently taught them all how to log on to laptops, tablets etc. and to browse.  My word some of them actually have a fantastic grasp of the essentials  and can be let loose browsing solo.  A couple know this gifting and advice site very well now and I’m hoping ot be the recipient of some successful buying!