The Changing World That’s Post Lockdown

There has certainly been a turn down in the travel markets lately.  Cruise liners are parked up in every available home port, being thoroughly stripped out and sanitised.  It’s probably the only time since the second world war that there have been no cruises out there picking up and disgorging thousands of happy passengers and wending their way around the globe.  That business is so massive with the sheer numbers of crew employed and then the background staff also.  The travel advice bureaux are having a really bad time of it with no holidays setting off until the all clear from virus restrictions.  However there are possibilities for travelling around this country when the hotels and camping sites ae able to operate under strict guidelines.  There will still need to be travel advisors to help everyone know the rules and best routes to places.  A whole new world awaite post lock down but positivity is top requirement.  With common sense.